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NJ Interiors offers an innovative collection of design handles and design knobs with a comprehensive choice of shapes and finishes.

The design of each door handle is an adventure in the universe of shapes, a way of reinventing what surrounds us, a journey through a timeless, unique and authentic world of enchantment.
Everyday objects such as door handles for interiors and furniture knobs are redesigned to enhance their sculptural and decorative elements, becoming “functional sculptures”.
Each design handle is a unique 100%, hand-made object.
The clay master models are made in our own laboratory and then entrusted to the hands of expert Italian craftsmen who create the final products.
The furniture knobs are made of bronze, using a lost-wax casting technique and then coated with different finishes.
NJ interiors is specialized in design door hardware and luxury handles.

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MADE IN ITALY design, styling and functional sculptures

NJ Interiors aims to create unique design objects, making every effort to find new and better materials, shapes, and finishes.
We make the master prototypes of every object in our own laboratory.
In the second phase of production, we work closely with specialized Italian craftsmen for the metal castings and wood milling.
From beginning to end, every detail is hand-made, making the products “unique”.

Our aim is to emphasize the authenticity and passion that leads to the creation of every door handle and design knob.
Care and a passion for detail are our priority.
Materials and Techniques:
– Bronze and brass lost-wax castings
– Aluminum sand casting
– Wood milling from solid
– Handmade gold leaf finish
– Hand-coloured finishes
– High-quality varnish


Design Handles and Knobs


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