SALICE – Brass Knob

Design brass knob for furniture.

Size 3,5×1,5 cm



Salice is a design knob for drawers, closets and kitchen cupboards.

A luxury, natural brass knob produced by NJ Interiors, part of the Foresta Nera Collection.

The peculiarity of the Salice knob is in its precious finish, which reproduces the texture of wood and tree bark.

This knob can be easily mounted on the closets, drawers, furniture and wall-mounted cabinets of both bathrooms and kitchens.

Salice is made by lost-wax casting of natural brass.

For the Foresta Nera Collection, we decided to create a range of textures for both door handles and knobs. Different shapes and textures that can be mixed, making it a great way to embellish your furniture.

Each item of the NJ Interiors collection is entirely made by Italian artisans.

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The Libeccio, Tucano and corallo handles of NJ interiors become part of the must haves 2017 of Arredativo design magazine, don’t miss the article on arredativo!
must have 2017 arredativo magazine magazine!

Exhibition with the work “Undicesima Ora” at the PAC Milan, Padiglione d ‘Arte Contemporanea, Milan. A story to discover the space regeneration as a new communicative stylistic movement, images, actions and words that give the city new systems of interaction.On display from October 2016 until January 2017. radetzky milano

Dal 2 al 7 settembre 2016 NJ interiors will be at Maison & Objet Projets a Parigi.

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NJ interiors will participate, with the Prisma Gold handle – winner of the A’Design Award international competition – in the exhibition held at the former church of Saint Francis in Viale Lorenzo Spallino 1, Como. The exhibition will take place between June 9th and June 28th.