Our Philosophy

The “Made in Italy” NJ interiors project was created in Florence in 2016 by sculptor Jacopo Candotti, and designer Nicole Valenti: two longtime friends, young artists from South Tyrol.
The NJ adventure in the world of design begins in a small home laboratory located in the heart of the city, where the two artists research new and more personal ways of conceiving interior design.
NJ interiors considers its creations “functional sculptures”.


This year, the laboratory introduced a new line of design door handles, knobs and furnishing accessories that combine sculpture and functionality:
unique objects, entirely handmade by the best Italian craftsmen.
The NJ project is a journey into the universe of shapes and materials where imagination is embodied by original and sophisticated design objects: a tropical bird, the texture of a rock, the shape of a branch turn magically into door handles.
The NJ laboratory also offers design consulting and planning services creating unique, signature spaces in which sculpture and design coexist with architecture.


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