General sales conditions


The indicated retail prices do not include any shipping charges. The prices shown refer to the economic conditions present when this price list was printed. Such economic conditions may have varied, within the legal limits, in the meantime. Orders with a 90+ day delivery will be charged at the prices in effect on the day of the delivery.

Delivery terms

The delivery terms set forth in the order confirmation are only approximate. We do not accept any liability or penalties for late delivery. If an order contains multiple items, we may make partial shipments and send the corresponding invoices.

Delivery and transport

The delivery is considered valid for all intents and purposes, even if performed by shipping agent or carrier. Upon delivery, it is the responsibility of the recipient to carefully check the number and integrity of the packages, as well as the weight of the goods. Any anomaly must be reported in the delivery notes. The replacement of any items damaged as a result of transport will take place only if a photocopy of the delivery note, reporting the information mentioned-above about the damage, is provided. Such information must match that provided by the delivery note issued by the carrier/shipping agent.


The colors shown in our samples: painted or other finishes, are to be considered purely indicative, as it is technically impossible to ensure their complete consistency over time. Direct exposure to sunlight can alter colors and finishes.

Cleanliness and wear

We recommend to clean all NJ interiors products with a damp cloth, any damage caused by chemicals, are under the responsibility of the customer. Normal wear and tear and accidental damage caused by the customer are not covered by warranty.


Complaints about missing items, errors or non-visible damage, should be forwarded in writing to Nj Interiors by registered correspondence within eight days from the date of delivery. Should such communication not be made within the stated period, the goods, and their quality, are to be considered as tacitly accepted.


The goods cannot be returned without prior written permission. Any returns will be handled in accordance with NJ interiors’ shipping procedures. Any expenses will be borne by NJ interiors. Such returned items must be sent to our warehouse located in Via Martiri del Popolo 30, 50122 Florence, Italy.

Terms of validity

NJ Interior reserves the right to make, without prior notification, any changes of parts and details it deems suitable for production or commercial reasons.


The court of Florence (Italy) will have unique jurisdiction over any disputes.